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Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services (VENIS)
The enterprise interoperability is an emerging need in Europe for common projects and businesses who are facing new challenges of marketing.

VENIS implements a lightweight platform, VENIS Services for Enterprises Interoperability (VSI), specifically focused on interoperability and collaboration between large companies, with comprehensive IT ecosystems, and small and medium-sized enterprises with an IT infrastructure lacking or missing.

VENIS Features
  • Secure Data Exchange: With VENIS business documents and artifacts shared with other enterprises never leave the boundaries of the enterprise sharing them, this ensures they are securely stored and can be easily retrieved when needed (also after the collaboration has ended);
  • Powerful search functionalities: VENIS helps you find the more appropriate information for your searches and avoids you to browse tons of documents speeding up your business tasks and making them more efficient;
  • Integrated business process handler: VENIS supports enterprises in following the workflow of day by day business activities and processes though automatic alerts and automatic initiation of some processes reducing the need for human intervention;
  • Integration with legacy applications: VENIS can be used by the enterprises no matter the way they work and the tools they use to share data and files, supporting the rapid creation of collaborations and preserving ICT past investments;

VENIS Research

VENIS tackles four main research challenges:
  1. Provide a solution able to drop the impedances between LEs and SMEs;
  2. Leave almost unchanged the actual way of working;
  3. Offer a wide usability, including LEs-SMEs collaborations;
  4. Explore new frontiers in the information extraction and the semantic search technologies;

VENIS ITLink contribution

The role of ITLink in the VENIS project was the development of the VSI backend. Our team mostly worked on:
  • the secure data exchange, by implementing, among others, the leading edge technology of tokens for ensuring a secure and light sharing of artifacts;
  • the integration of the business process handler for allowing enterprises which work with business processes to fully integrated their workflows and activities with all the VENIS functionalities;
  • the integration with email system for letting users keep working with emails which are now fully integrated with the capabilities offered by the VENIS system;
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