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Virtual Centre Manager (VCM)

International research programmes promote worldwide big projects involving a large number of experts from many Organisations distributed geographically across Countries. The Consortium size, the dynamic composition of the involved Teams, the expected wide dissemination to the scientific Community, etc. require a novel approach to project management where the research activities, the exchange of knowledge, the spreading of results, etc. need to be virtually centralised in order to be harmonised and monitored.

ITLink offers an innovative product, the Virtual Centre Manager (VCM), to create Virtual Centres on the Web where researchers involved in big projects can access remotely and interact as being part of the same Organisation, achieving the highest level of synergy in scientific and technological research. At the same time, these centralised Virtual Centres allow an easy management of contractual matters, periodic documents composition, decisions by on-line voting, e-learning providing, etc.

The Virtual Centre Manager can be provided in two versions
  • On-site: as a traditional software package installed on the customer server and administrated by Customer personnel;
  • Application-Service-Provider (ASP): as a service the customer can access it by Internet;
according to the customer internal organisation, the planned usage, constraints on contents, etc.
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